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IL COMUNISMO ¿E quale e il segreto? (y 4)

Chiunque abbia un criminale e ingiusta avversario, può dare - come è il caso Queste note sinceri - idee che potrebbe servire la Sua causa. Ma auto-cittadini con Identificato come comunisti, che in nessun modo in cui sono, non importa, come sempre, in qualsiasi parte del mondo, ora e prima, si produrrà una virgola di potere. La segretezza con il comunismo che potrebbe mantenere una validità minima, il valore o il supporto, sarebbe quella di avere i loro ideali come riferimento ideale e sfruttare l'accesso al potere per iniziare un processo di adattamento alla comunità Dove consensi. Coesistenti nella democrazia e alternanza al potere consapevole, abbandonando temporaneamente il secondo è un'occasione di emergenza. Affrontare il potere si nutre molta opposizione lo sa gestire. La società sta dando stampo. La società non tollererà mai che indica ciò. Accetta ciò che la società considera giusto. L'azienda realizza equilibrio costante di ciò che può essere fatto, mentre la libertà non è ferito. E non lo sarà mai. Vedo il segreto del fallimento storico dei suoi falsi annunciatori. Ignaro di tolleranza e di equilibrio.
E questo è l'essenza dell'essere umano.

EL COMUNISMO. ¿Cuàl es el secreto? (y 4)

Anyone who has a Felon and unjust adversary, can give - as is the case these sincere notes - ideas that he could serve his cause.
But with citizens self-identified as communists, that in no way they are, it does not matter, as ever, anywhere in the world, now and before, will yield one iota of power.
The secrecy with which communism could maintain a minimum validity, value or support, would be to have their ideals as ideal reference and take advantage of access to power to begin a process of adaptation to the community where consents.
Coexisting in democracy and conscious alternation in power, temporarily abandoning the latter is an occasion of emergency. Confront the power feeds much opposition knows manage it.
Society is giving the mold.
Society will never tolerate indicating what.
Accept what society considers fair.
The company makes constant balance of what can be done while freedom is not injured.
And it never will.
I behold the secret of the historical failure of his false proclaimers.
Unaware of tolerance and balance.
And that is the essence of being human.


Communism does not advance (nor advance) by a precipitous one reason. Communism aims to change society without changing people. Must be reversed.
When called Communists, who are nothing nor seem, they come to power by any means, say, "It's time to build the new society" and then direct their steps to uproot everything existing. The philosophy of these so-called Communists is changing everything, laws, culture, customs, trade, justice, education, everything, absolutely everything, without a creative process and adaptation. And that impact is not accepted or only partially, then it becomes necessary to turn the instrument which finishes with utopia: repression, fear and extinction.
Right there and at that moment his downfall begins. And it is inexorable failure.
Actually, as I announced earlier in referring to this expression, is not communism that fails, they are their ill-fated executioners, their unintelligent cultists.
According to the preceding lines does that mean always fail?
No society has tried to build as, indeed, a society with the highest principles of communism that could be attractive.
There are others who are equally lethal against him, but that transcend these notes: ignorance of man's effort which translates into private property, among many others.
¿Ideology, flag or what?
Communism should be seriously studied by all those who struggle vainly to implement it. There will be convinced, if they are honest with yourself, which will inexorably before her eyes.
It should be studied carefully by those who oppose him, especially for the great majority that has stigmatized the word communism. I am convinced that the latter, unintentionally, are major contributors to self-identified communists arise. If you are studying, who you do, know the basic tools and specialized to prevent the occurrence, tactics, propaganda, resources and laws of communism.
If you want to contact a communist with some experience in the implementation of that system, do not look for will not find it, there is not. One can imagine or say that the greatest benchmark of that struggle on the planet was Fidel. Even the sun today nobody has referred, beyond this austere Venezuelan amanuensis, to words that he said his chance for a television channel and that anyone with common sense, had to show his acceptance of failure. All his behavior in recent years test this claim. Moreover, the insurmountable contradictions of the Cuban revolution, are a final judgment. And as if all this were not enough, the man lived 60 years trying something and nothing. A Chamo today had told him, of being able: Hey you, Horse, Pale when we are going to leave her? I notice that I use the word "failure" for convenience of language, but then go back on it.
In another area, I express the following: If you deliberately take five, maybe ten points which define communism as maximum, you will see that they are quite good, many ideologies also touting. So why do they fail ?, is the question of rigor.
From Plaza Patricio Lumumba
A cool September morning several decades ago, I attended my first classes in law at the UCV. It was Monday.
At that time, a 16 year old still playing dreidel, metras, spin or lightning. So, it is likely that the weekend before the start of school, have practiced any of those games. And that Monday was bestial.
Suddenly I found myself before an audience of fellow students almost all much older than me and besides that hear the kinds of Rafael Caldera, Planchart Gustavo Manrique and Jose Luis Aguilar Gorrondona, among others. At times I felt that I speak in another language.
Finished classes that Monday, I went straight to the self-styled "revolutionary" called the Plaza Patricio Lumumba, known African leader had been killed. The square was between what were the dormitories and what would become the School of Economics
I confess that this impact gave me tears do not know why cause. At one point I looked back at the posters of Lumumba and if memory serves me, too Américo Martín, Marcos Gómez and Julio Escalona.
In that moment of that day he began the long meditation that I still do, about communism. Am available to you, gentle reader, my conclusions, sure as I am that serve to nurture our political culture. I think I'll do two or three paragraphs like this, which, in addition to this network, will be available on my blog www.megabreve.blogspot.com

EL COMUNISMO. ¿Cuàl es el secreto? (y 4)

Nadie que tenga un adversario felòn e injusto, puede darle - como es el caso estas sinceras notas - unas ideas que le podrìan servir a su causa.
Pero con los ciudadanos auto identificados como comunistas, que en nada lo son, eso no tiene importancia, pues jamàs, en ninguna parte del mundo, ahora y antes, cederàn ni un milìmetro de poder.
El secreto con el cual el comunismo podrìa mantener una mìnima vigencia, valor o sustentaciòn, serìa el de tener sus ideales como referencia ideal y aprovechar el acceso al poder para iniciar un proceso de adaptaciòn hasta donde la comunidad lo consienta.
Conviviendo en democracia y con conciencia de alternancia en el poder, abandonar este ùltimo transitoriamente es una ocasiòn de excepciòn. Enfrentarse al poder nutre mucho a la oposiciòn que sabe encauzarla.
La sociedad va dando el molde.
La sociedad va indicando lo que nunca tolerarà.
La sociedad aceptarà lo que considere justo.
La sociedad hace balance constante de lo que se puede hacer mientras no se lesione su libertad.
Y eso jamàs lo haràn.
He allì el secreto del fracaso històrico de sus falsos pregoneros.
Desconocen la tolerancia y el equilibrio.
Y eso es de la esencia del ser humano.

¿ideología, bandera o qué?

El comunismo debe ser seriamente estudiado por todos aquellos que luchan vanamente por implantarlo. Allí se convencerán, si son honestos consigo mismo, lo que inexorablemente se pondrá ante sus ojos.
Debe ser estudiado con mucha atención por quienes lo adversan, sobre todo por esa gran mayoría que lo ha estigmatizado con la sola palabra comunismo. Estoy convencido que estos últimos, sin proponérselo, son quienes más contribuyen para que surjan los autocalificados comunistas. Si se le estudia, quien lo hace, conocerá las herramientas básicas y las especializadas para prevenir la aparición, las tácticas, la propaganda, los recursos y las leyes del comunismo.
Si usted desea contactar a algún comunista con alguna experiencia en la implantación de ese sistema, no lo busque pues no lo hallará, no lo hay. Alguno se imaginará o dirá que el mayor punto de referencia de esa lucha en todo el planeta fue Fidel. Hasta el sol de hoy nadie ha hecho referencia, más allá de este austero amanuense venezolano, a palabras que en su oportunidad él dijo por un canal televisivo y que en cualquier persona con sentido común, debió poner de manifiesto su aceptación del fracaso. Toda su conducta de los últimos años prueba esta afirmación. Por otra parte, las insalvables contradicciones de la revolución cubana, son una sentencia inapelable. Y como si todo esto fuese poco, el hombre vivió 60 años intentando aquello y nada. Un chamo de hoy día le hubiese dicho, de poderlo: ¡ oye tú, Caballo, pá cuando lo vamos a dejá? Quiero advertir que uso la palabra “fracaso” por comodidad del lenguaje, mas luego volveremos sobre ella.
En otro terreno, expreso lo siguiente: Si usted toma deliberadamente cinco, tal vez diez puntos de los que el comunismo define como máximas, verá que son absolutamente buenos, que muchas ideologías también los pregonan. Entonces, ¿por qué fracasan?, es la pregunta de rigor.